Group Programs

Our Group Programs provide practical, engaging workshops aimed at developing Workplace Readiness, Business Technology and Independent Living Skills for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism.

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Individual Services

Our Individual Services are designed for vocational exploration, gaining experience and to prepare for transition.

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Vocational Exploration

Our Vocational Exploration Programs help prepare students to find and succeed in their first job.

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The Center at Hampton House

Our Purpose

To provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to develop social skills, job readiness, vocational training, and independent living skills.  We work with individuals age 14 and older, to help them secure employment and create a sustainable living for themselves.

As the number of diagnosis continue to grow, each year Federal and State supported programs for persons with intellectual disabilities are being cut. Therefore, the need for career path counseling and supportive life skills programs is imperative.  The Center at Hampton House programming is designed to guide individuals with intellectual disabilities to:
  1. Identify individual interests, talents and aspirations
  2. Establish goals
  3. Select the best programs for success
  4. Provide support after programming completion to secure employment

Next Steps...

We love to help!  If you have questions, concerns or just would like to learn more, please send us a message.