Horticulture Program

Gardening as a Career ==================

Explore the ways you can work in the field of Horticulture, Agriculture and Gardening. There are so many opportunities for meaningful work doing things you love to do.

We broke ground on the Hampton House Garden in the summer of 2019, which was only possible by the generous donations of our local sponsors and business who support the individuals we serve.

Our focus is in:

. Preparation for seeking paid work   experiences

. Vocational Exploration including Job  
  Shadowing and Job Support / Placement

. Customized Employment Training    

 . Internships with Student Stipend 

. Education for employers about professional and personal benefits to participating in employment programs

Sustainable Farming

Staff works with individuals to gain basic understanding of planting to grow your own food and prepare healthy meals. 


Individuals who wish to pursue a career in landscaping have the opportunity to learn about mowing and weeding, as well as designing outdoor environments for residential areas and businesses. Additional interests can be identified that include landscaping maintenance and management.
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