Forever Learning Center

LifeLong Learning

at our Forever Learning Center

No one should ever stop learning. Just because school age years have ended, should not mean that learning ends. Our Forever Learning Center provides opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism to continue to learn about things important to them and grow in their number and scope of interests. We are hopeful this can lead to meaningful work and rewarding, fulfilling lives. No one should be stagnant. 

Funding: All of our Programs are available to individuals over the age of 21 through private pay. 

We can also offer this curriculum through our grant and donor programs when available.

Become a donor or sponsor our center programs to ensure that those who can benefit will have access to the opportunities they desire.

is featured at our center

For too long, individuals with disabilities who have even been given an opportunity for integration into a community business are not being ‘set up for success’. That goes for the employer as well. Our ‘Train to the Job’ Model assures that any potential placement will be properly assessed for a ‘good fit’ for all, planned out in detail and training sessions will allow the individual to learn about the specifics of the job so, when on-site, expectations are known and a successful outcome is achievable. 

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