Pre-Employment Transition Services Provider (P.E.T.S.)

Initiative Objectives:

  1. Job Exploration Counseling
  2. Work-based learning experiences (W.B.L.E.), which may include in-school, after school or community-based opportunities
  3. Counseling on opportunities for enrollment in comprehensive trade schools for local colleges
  4. Workplace Readiness training to develop social skills
  5. Independent Living Skills and Financial Literacy
  6. Instruction in Self-Advocacy, which may include peer mentoring
  7. Job Shadowing – Job Placement

Group Services

Our Group Programs are designed to enhance existing school curriculum  and to increase the probability of vocational success.  Programs offered in school & after school.

  • Business Technology Training
  • Mobile & Tablet Technology
  • Workplace Readiness Training
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Self Advocacy Training
  • Travel Training

Individual Programs

Our Individual Programs are designed for vocational exploration, gaining experience and to prepare for transition.

  • Work Based Learning Experiences (W.B.L.E.)
  • Vocational Exploration
    • Job Shadowing
    • Job Support & Placement
  • Customized Employment Training
  • Internships with Student Stipend
  • Educate employers about professional & personal benefits to participating in employment programs

Sustainable Farming

Vocational Exploration in Gardening, Sustainable Farming & Environmental Preservation Programs

The Center at Hampton House offers hands-on Environmental, Agricultural & Horticultural Learning.  Students will work on site at the Center’s gardens in Rydal, PA to gain gardening & farming training.  Students interested in specialized careers can enroll in a program that includes training in a certain area, such as organic farming and landscaping, to obtain skills necessary for entry-level positions. Smaller class sizes give students a chance to work on intensive, small-group projects and one-on-one with instructors.


Students may be involved with pest control initiatives, heritage and conservation projects or the study of certain types of plant populations. Their work usually takes them from the field to the lab as they perform tests and analyze data.


Students of agricultural studies may learn and work both indoors and out. Future careers settings may include: farms, nurseries and laboratories. From the business side of agricultural with management to the technical side of agricultural with science, careers in Agriculture mean specializing in farming practices, plant and crop cultivation.


Students who wish to pursue a career in landscaping will have the opportunity to learn about mowing and weeding as well as designing outdoor environments for residential areas and businesses.  Landscaping training can also involve the placement of foliage, bodies of water, rocks and man-made structures such as fences to create attractive outdoor scenery. Students may learn about landscaping maintenance and management.

Watch: A Day in the Life of a Landscaper

Summer Enrichment Programs

Choose the Center at Hampton House to enrich your ESY program with a P.E.T.S. Initiative.

Recreational Workshops & Programs

Self Advocacy, Self Defense, Painting, PHS Gardening, Public Speaking, Team Softball, Movie Night, Trivia, Culture Exploration, Yoga/Meditation, Fourth of July Picnic, Miss Manners, Social Etiquette, Kitchen Science, Domestic Arts, Dancing Lessons

Motivational Speakers

Professional Athlete, Banker, Interview Strategies, Acting Coach, Singing Coach, Fitness Trainer, Fire Safety, Realtor, ABC Contractors, Spokes Models, Professional Stylist, Personal Safety, Art Appreciation, CPR & First Aid

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