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Contributors help us to expand Center offerings and expand operations into new areas of counseling for sustainability.

The Center at Hampton House is 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and all personal and corporate contributions are tax deductible.

Customized Employment

Within your organization, determine if there are available part-time or full-time employment opportunities available. Inquire about your firm’s current programs for hiring persons with physical or developmental disabilities. Share successful employment stories about persons with disabilities working at local businesses to persuade and perpetuate successful trends.

Learn about State and Federal tax incentives for participating in Customized Employment and Work Based Learning positions for persons with disability employment programs.

Properly trained adults with disabilities may take a little longer to train, but once up to speed will create for you a pool of qualified candidates that will cherish the employment opportunity and will be long term dedicated employees.


Donate equipment or funds for purchases, program materials, on-going daily operations, expansion of vocational, workforce readiness, property expenses and accommodations. Ask your employer, most employers match donations to worthy charitable causes in the community. All contributions to The Center at Hampton House are tax deductible. We are grateful and appreciative of all donations of:

  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Materials, hardware and software for our learning programs. We welcome office supplies, Computers, iPads, Office Equipment, Office Furniture, Professional Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Supplies, Food and Cash Donations are all appreciated and a helpful part of our work.

Become a Mentor

One of the most valuable gifts we can give in life is the gift of time. Share your expertise and knowledge with a young person just starting out on new career path. Help to shape a person with a disability’s long term professional career, self confidence and their outlook toward the work place. Guiding a young professional toward a true understanding of the demands of today’s work forces with practice and actual situations. Walk through potentially fast paced environments, stressful situations and useful advice on how to take problems and find solutions, how to read conflicts and navigate compromises. Professional mentors are valuable in the workplace for everyone.

Through a matching process that uses an individual’s needs, interests and skills paired with a professional mentor to help reinforce newly learned skills and cultivate confidence in positive and supportive ways.

Become a Sponsor

Supporting The Center at Hampton House is easy.  Sponsor a detailed learning program, donate materials or funds for new programs.  Volunteer to chaperon an activity or extend an invitation for a community outing.


Provide practice and practical guidance for members as they learn new technical skills,  job readiness skills, social interaction and business etiquette. Share your expertise. Volunteer or teach a class.

Thank you to our Valued Sponsors and Community Partners


All contributions to The Center at Hampton House are tax deductible.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so using PayPal (link below) or mailing a check to:

The Center at Hampton House

1456 Hampton Road

Rydal, PA 19046


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